As most of you know, I am now a junior at Auburn University. I major in English- Creative Writing and minor in art. (For more on my major and minor click  here.) This year is going to be a whole different experience. I am finally going to adult, and by adult I mean I will be living in an apartment. I am not happy to be paying bills, but I’m excited to be in an apartment with friends. I see this going well so far. Nothing can truly prepare you for what’s to come, but I think this year will be one to remember.


I am taking a ton of core classes this upcoming fall semester.I am finally past math, science, and history and I finish up my last required Liberal Arts classes this fall. This is exciting because it means I am almost done with my degree. I hope to graduate next year, but I am not sure exactly what year I will graduate. I am taking six classes which will give me the full 18 hours allowed at Auburn. I will be stressed considering I expect to write an essay in every class except for my advanced drawing class. Other than the mindless essays, I’m excited about all my classes. The two classes I expect to stress out in the most is my art and mythology course. I’m way better at sketching than painting, so I’m excited to take a step back from the paints for a while and do something I love. My core creative class this semester is Poetry 1. Poetry is not my strongest form of writing, but I have a few poems I enjoyed from Intro to Creative Writing. (I might upload some later along with some of my new works.) All my other classes are basics that are needed or electives.  I am wanting to join a few clubs to not only build my resume but to help me on my career path. I have a few clubs picked out that I want to go check out. I can only hope for the best.


As I mentioned in the intro, I am happy to have an apartment with my friends. I’m not sure what I would’ve done in the dorms for another year. It’s not that I don’t love the people in the dorms, but I’m so glad to have my own room. (A luxury I’ve missed for years now.) Through my dorm experience last year, I met my roommates for this year. I’m glad I met such great people to live with. I see many adventures and late nights in our future. The thing I’m most excited about is getting a book case, painting it, and filling it with all my books. We have a kitchen rather than just a microwave and I am too happy about it. We  even live within a mile of campus and have a tennis court in the complex. I know I’m amazed over the simple things, but I’m happy about this. It’s safe to say that the apartment will be a new experience for all of us.


I do have a little side job working with the school. It’s around my schedule and isn’t stressful. I am happy to be able to continue with it. I want to look for a part-time job, but I’m scared I won’t have time to fully focus on my academics. I know my class load is a lot and I truly hope everything will work out for the best. Only time will tell.


It’s safe to say, I’m ready and excited for this upcoming school year. I am hoping for a great football season (War Eagle!) I know these past few years have been rough, but I have faith that we will surprise everyone this year. Everything should go as planned this year, and trust me I have planned it. I can only wish everyone good luck with the upcoming school year.











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